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Letra y Acordes de la canción DETOUR AHEAD - Eliane Elias

Tonalidad Base: Cm 
Círculo Armónico: D#  Cm  G#  Fm  A#  Gm

Cm7  F#7/13   B7
Smooth road, clear day 
    Fm7   Em7    Am       D7              Dm7 G7
But why am I the only one  trav'ling this way 
Gm7             C7                 Fm7  Bb7/13
How strange the road to love should be so easy 
Cm7          Am7      Ab7/13 Dm7 G7
Can there be a detour ahead 
Cm7 F#7/13    B7
Wake  up,      slow down 
  Fm7    Em7       Am
Before you crash and break your heart 
D7        Dm7  G7
Gullible clown 
Gm7               C7            Fm7      Bb7/13
 You fool, you're headed in the wrong direction 
Cm7           Am  F#m7
Can't you see the detour ahead 
    B7     Em
The further you travel 
   B7                    Em7
The harder to unravel the web 
           F#m7     B7
She spins around you 
Turn back while there's time 
Can't you see the danger sign 
     Em7         Db7/13
Soft shoulders surround you 
Cm7   F#(13)   B7
Smooth road,   clear night 
  Fm7   Em7      Am
Oh lucky me that suddenly  
D7        Dm7   G7
I saw the light 
Gm7              C7            Fm7      Bb
    I'm turning back away from all this trouble 
Cm7   E7    Am7     Eb9
Smooth road, smooth road, 
  D7    G7sus      G7 Cm7
No detour          ahead