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Letra y Acordes de la canción SHES ON HER OWN - Drake Bell

D                                    A
She's on her own wondering' if he'll misbehave
A                           D
He's out at sea lost in the ocean waves
D                                 A
She doesn't know if his boat will ever show
A                   D             Bm
Thats why I'm gonna say to you my dear
Bm        Em             A
Before my lips turn blue I'll say to you
Em             A
Before you go don't you know

         D          Bm
That its me and its you
I know what they told me
Bm                            Em
I know what they're coming to do
    A                      Bm
So don't pretend that you know
'cause you don't
I know what you want baby
Bm                         Em
i know that you want me to go
I know