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Letras y Acordes Web


Letra y Acordes de la canción WESTLAKE HIGH - Cordae

Tonalidad Base: F# 
Círculo Armónico: F#  D#m  B  G#m  C#  A#m

Uh, yeah

You know, um

I just wanna apologize, um, in advance, really

For all of my mistakes that I'm  I'm bound to make

That I've made in the past, though

No human is  is perfect and I'm not tryna be, either

Yeah, alright

If only Father Time had the patience of Mother Nature

If only I was wiser when I first discovered paper

If only Martin Luther never stayed at the Lorraine Hotel

Should he still be alive and well

Shout out my nigga Yo Gotti, that's my Memphis connect

He always put his niggas on and so I give him respect

My right wrist Audemars, left wrist a Patek

Fuck a aux cord, nigga, throw that shit in, cassette tape

I went to Westlake High where death rates rise

And some people go on to waste the rest they lives

I go back every now and then to check they vibes

The rest of my classmates workin' tech based jobs

I just bought a Range Rover and did a song with Nas

In the belly of the best where the strong survive

Tryna move past the lows and prolong the highs, huh

But still I rise, yeah

You know, uh

It's times like this in life, where

You just gotta relish in the moment, and then 

And cherish these moments, dawg, 'cause, like

I made it, man, and, um

It's not like it's a surprise or anything

But I'm just gon' live in this moment

And be present at this time, though

I'ma be doin' this music shit at the absolute highest level

For a long ass time, man, as long as I wanted to

And, um, that's all I try to do, man, is

Give y'all my life and everything from a bird's eye view

Though you must remember that the mantra

The way of life is always, huh

Everything high level

And  And, also, um

I wanna dedicate this album to my grandmother

My late grandmother, God rest her soul

Janet Dunston

Um, she was on my last album singin' interludes, dawg, and, uh

Man, I miss that woman so much

But, um, I'ma be here for a long time, man

As long as I wanna do this shit

Everything high level