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Letras y Acordes Web


Letra y Acordes de la canción JEAN MICHEL - Cordae

Tonalidad Base: D 
Círculo Armónico: D  Bm  G  Em  A  F#m

Brink of extinction, hell bent on survival

This life's a continuous cycle

Consider this a venomous haiku

This ain't a verse, nigga

And I done dealt with the worst niggas

The type to steal your shit, then search with ya

Nothing ordinary

I been having vivid dreams, them shits is more than scary

Graveyards or mortuaries

Haunted by these goals that I'm tryna accomplish

Underrated, over hated, I'm tired of the nonsense

Things I've could've done better, it lies in my conscience

And I'll never forget it, I'm my worst critic

Such a overthinker, I'm so self reflective

God willing, these parables go and sell some records

Politicians out here lying, tryna sell a message

Ten thousand hours, penmanship is well perfected

Uh, I'm just tryna get my point across

And on my mama, I will die for the right cause

Mmm, 'cause what's life without sacrifice?

And you just wasting talent if you never strategize

Stared death in the face with the saddest eyes

Taking risks, situations getting magnified

What's your ideal way of demise?

The price of fame costs your life, but staying alive was more important

Uh, death is the greatest surprise

I see the hate in your eyes

I saw potential at first, grew up, resentment for Earth

You lust for power too much

And it's getting worse

The more you get, the more that you'll desire, can't quit your thirst

Of a conqueror, ask Alex, ask Christopher

Seven figure checks, they require my signature

Drive by shootings, homicides are vehicular

Now fu*kyour art critic, can't decide what my picture's worth

I just know that it's painted well

Your favorite artist first priority is gaining wealth

Mmm, sprinkle holy water on a tainted cell

My brother asked me how the fu*kcan he maintain in Hell

Mmm, that's another story for a different day

He just told me, Don't switch your ways, nigga