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Letra y Acordes de la canción EYES WITHOUT A FACE - Billy Idol

Tonalidad Base: A 
Círculo Armónico: A  F#m  D  Bm  E  C#m


/\ = slide up/down

         Emaj7          C#min              G#min               Bmaj
Verso 1: I'm all out of hope, one more bad dream could bring a fall.

         Emaj7             C#min                      G#min 
         When I'm far from home, don't call me on the phone to tell me 

         you're alone.

  It's easy to deceive, it's easy to tease, but hard to get release.


    Les yeux sans visage  (eyes without a face) |  face , got no human grace 
    Les yeux sans visage  (eyes without a face) |
    Les yeux sans visage,  eyes without a       |

Verso 2:   same chords, but play the following natural harmonics throughout.



Hanging out by the state line
Turning holy water into wine
Drinkin' it down, oh, oh oh, ow
When you hear the music, you make a dip, into someone else's pocket
       then make the slip.  Steal a car and go to Las Vegas the gigolo pool.
       I'm on a bus on a psychedelic trip reading murder books tryin' to 
       stay hip.  I'm thinkin' of you and you're out there so... say your