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Letra y Acordes de la canción EVERYBODY DIES - Billie Eilish

Tonalidad Base: Gm 
Círculo Armónico: A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm

A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm Em  D  Bm  Em

[Primera Parte]
A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm

           Em              D
Everybody dies, surprise, surprise
                    Bm              Em
We tell each other lies, sometimes, we try
                 Am               D
To make it feel like we might be right
    D7            Em  D  C7M
We might not be alone
     Em  D  C7M
Be alone

[Segunda Parte]
A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm

            Em                      D
"Everybody dies," that's what they say
And maybe, in a couple hundred years
They'll find another way
              Am               D
I just wonder why you'd wanna stay
              Em  D  C7M
If everybody goes
                 Em  D  C7M
You'd still be alone

[Tercera Parte]
A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm

              Em               D
I don't wanna cry, some days I do
But not about you
            Em            D
It's just a lot to think about
The world I'm used to
     D              Em
The one I can't get back
    D              C7M
At lеast not for a while
              Em                D
I sure have a knack for seein' lifе
More like a child
             Em                 D
It's not my fault, it's not so wrong
To wonder why
           Am                  C7M
Everybody dies, and when will I?

[Cuarta Parte]
A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm

You oughta know
That even when it's time
You might not wanna go
But it's okay to cry
And it's alright to fold
    D7           Em  D  C7M
But you are not alone
              Em  D  C7M
You are not unknown

A#  Gm  D#  Cm  F  Dm Em  D  C7M
        Em  D  C7M
        Em  D  Bm  Em