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Letra y Acordes de la canción SUMMER HEAT - Bert Jansch

Tonalidad Base: G 
Círculo Armónico: G  Em  C  Am  D  Bm

Tabbed by Jamie Phillips (*)

Album: Live at the 12 Bar
Tuning: DADGBE (dropped D)

I've tabbed the live version of this as I don't have any other version. I don't even know
which of his albums it's on! It's a really great tune though and simple to play. Although
this tab looks long it's really just 3 basic sections that have slight variations
throughout; I thought it reasonable to try and convey these variations. As usual work
with the recording to get the song structure down. Enjoy!

Rhythm: 4/4

E||                              |                              |
B||               3              |               3              |
G||               2              |               2              |
D||          0    2           2  |          0    2           2  |
A||       0              3       |       0              3       |
D||  0                           |  0                           |




















                                   Fade out with main pattern
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TAB guide: / = slide from below

           h = hammer on,  p = pull off

           b = bend (in this case a pre bend down to the next note)