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Letra y Acordes de la canción SHE MOVED THROUGH THE FAIR - Bert Jansch

Tonalidad Base: D# 
Círculo Armónico: D#  Cm  G#  Fm  A#  Gm

Tabbed by Jamie Phillips (*)

Album: Toy Balloon
Tuning: EADGBE
Capo: 2nd fret

This is quite easy to play   I've only tabbed out the intro before he starts singing as
the rest of the song only consists of these parts anyway. As usual though Bert displays a
little variation and improvisation as he goes through the Versos, so check with the
recording if you want to play it note for note. I left a couple of the trills/graces out
for ease of reading.

Rhythm: 4/4 (fast)

E||                       |                       |
B||                  0    |  1            1       |
G||          0    2       |          0            |
D||       0          0    |       3          3    |
A||                       |                       |
E||  3                    |  1                    |