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Letra y Acordes de la canción WIDOW OF A LIVING MAN - Ben Harper

Tonalidad Base: F 
Círculo Armónico: F  Dm  A#  Gm  C  Am

Intro: Am2    x02200

      Am                        C       G       D
Mama why does he treat me so cold so cold so cold
Am                 C      G     D
Why do I feel so old so old so old
     Am                      C       G      D
how long has he treated me unkind unkind unkind
     Am                    C         G       D
or have I always been so blind so blind so blind

        Am              F               G       Am      G
I'm the widow, I'm the widow, I'm the widow of a living man
        Am   G          Am   G   F   G   Am2   > see above
of a living man of a living man
For subsequent Versos and COROes, repeat the above pattern.
Why can't the times stay the same
now i am begging him to change
what about all the plans we've made
now i am so afraid
I'm the widow of a living man
why does he hurt me so
I'm gonna need somplace to go
he's no longer some kind woman's son
mama i think that I had better run
I'm the widow of a living man