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Letra y Acordes de la canción WHEN SHE BELIEVES - Ben Harper

Tonalidad Base: D 
Círculo Armónico: D  Bm  G  Em  A  F#m

Intro: D  A  Bm  G  D  A
               D            A
Well The good lord is such a good lord
             Bm   A      G                      
With such a good mother too 
They have blessed me
They have blessed me
      Bm    A         G
In the good graces of you
D        A           Bm      A    G
I have heard a hundred violins  crying
D            A          Bm          A   G 
And I have seen a hundred white Doves flying
     D            A           
But nothing is as beautiful
As when she believes 
when she believes 
when she believes 
when she believes 
            A         D  A  Bm G  D  A
when she believes in me 
D               A
How good it must feel
        Bm     A    G
To be so young and free
    D                      A
And a song that pleases a queen
 Bm              G 
Will always please me
D       A        Bm    A    G
I have heard the wisest of wisdom
    D  A            Bm      A    G
And I have dined in palaces and kingdoms
+ Refrain
D           A
Now all of life
       Bm      A    G
Is just passing the time
   D         A
Until once again
     Bm        A     G
Your eyes look into mine
D      A      Bm     A     G
I have been adored by a stranger
    D       A       Bm      A G
And I have heard the whispering angel
+ Refrain