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Letra y Acordes de la canción FIRED - Ben Folds Five

I'm sorry I havn't quite done the PUENTE, but all the chords are the same.  I've only 
managed to play it on piano let alone my guitar.  It's crazy Ben Folds stuff that was 
intended for guitar it's one of his "I'm a nerd on a piano and can kick all you guitar
players arses." Which is very true.
I wish the guitar were a nerd device; I'd be in my element.

p.s. You may only copy this song if you promise me you are not playing the guitar to 
cool.  Music should never be about the IMAGE. If so, I'll kick your arse, steal your guitar 
give it to someone who really gives a shit about music.


Verso 1.

C       E7      Am7     G7      C
Lucretia walks into a room  (first line of intro)
C       E7      Am7     Am7/G           Fmaj7   Abmaj7
Because she does it's not the same room
C       E7      Am7     G7      C               (first line of intro)
The one she wanted to be in             she says
C       E7      Am7     Am7/G           Fmaj7
"Everywhere I go damn ther

e I am."

Abmaj7          Cmaj7   Fmaj7
And I just wanna walk away
Won't you let me walk away sometimes?
I just wanna walk away

Everyone one of you is fired.

Verso 2

I'm just an ordinary guy
And All I want is to be loved.  Is that so wrong?
Don't think that I don't know what you're saying about me
I hear it all through these thin walls

A maj7
Every one of you is fired
Every one of you is oh oh oh oh
Every one of you is fired       yeah!