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Letra y Acordes de la canción WAITING FOR THE MOON TO RISE - Belle And Sebastian

Intro: F  E  Am  E
       F  E  Am

F                E
All the way back home
            Am               E
I'm telling you I caught the sun
         F             G
Creeping up behind my shoulder
    C               E
And another day's begun
       F            E
I was following a trail
          Am           E
I'd never been along before
         F               G       C
Chasing darkened skies above me
E                 F
Looking like the spring
Like the winter
         Am      E     F     E      Am
And the morning
             F               E
If there's a place I want to go
              Am             E
Then I'll be there with you
'Cos in my dreams the things
I'm wishing for
     C            E     F    E
Keep coming true

F             E
Now a new day comes
           Am               E
Clears the darkness out of sight
         F                 G
And the shadows that were sleeping
         C                 E
Come and dance beneath the light
        F              E
And I'm trying hard to hide
            Am            E
Keeping the sun out of my eyes
Close them tight
            G               C        E    Am
And now I'm waiting for the moon to rise

( F  E  Am  E )

( F  G  F   E   F   E )

( F  E  Am  E   F   E )

       F            E
Don't try to say to me
              Am             E
That this was never meant to be
         F                   G
'Cos the days are long where I come from
     C                 E
The next few days I'm free
          F               E
There's a train I want to catch
             Am               E
But it won't leave here for a while
     F                  G
Till darkness fills the eastern sky
    C                        E
And streetlights stretch for miles
Through the spring
And the winter
        Am       E    F 
and the morning