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Letra y Acordes de la canción TO BE MYSELF COMPLETELY - Belle And Sebastian

G            F        Am
Well my heart has fallen down
            G            Am     F
Thought I'd talked myself around
          D                                          Am    F
But to be myself completely I've just got to let you down

          G           F      Am
Well I knew I'd say goodbye
                G          F         Am
Though it's not my time to cry
       D                   Am               F              D
And forever and for no one I will let it all go by
          D                                         Am     F
  D   G 
And to be myself completely I've just got to say goodbye

C#m                 Bm
Z list star in a hundred grand garrett
C#m                 Bm
The ladies say 'Hey baby, you've earned it!'
F#                     D
I'm not so sure, I toured the land
              C#m                   Bm
You could call it work if you count the band
Still your voice calls out to me
Escort me to the harmony
I'm not sure what I will be
C#m            G#             Bm
Find me in a bitter sweet hello