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Letra y Acordes de la canción SUICIDE GIRL - Belle And Sebastian

   D           A
My friend, She wants,
        Em7      G
To be a suicide girl.
     D         A
I'll take her picture,
For the whole wide world.
     G                D
I've known her for a long time,
     G                   D
You could say that I'm a fan,
      G                   F#m            A7
But I always thought that I would be her man.

   D           A
My friend, she wants,
        Em7         G
to be a girl of suicide
    D         A
She wants, an outlet,
         Em7     G
for her radical side
   G                D
I know that she is special
      G                D
I can see what she has got
         G                F#m
But what I have loved and guarded close
        Bm                Em7

She'll take and to the world expose
     G                   A7
She gives it all away

PUENTE: D  A  Em7  G
       D  A  Em7  G
       G  D
       G  D
       G  F#m  A7


   D               A
My friend, she sometimes,
       Em7         G
gets anxiety and stress.
     D        A            Em7 G
She got, a manual from the N.H.S.
      G                   D
She proclaimed a week of sadness,
      G                      D
She's abstained from telling jokes
     G                 F#m
The world would see a poet emerge
    Bm           Em7
A butterfly to empathy
   G                 D
I know that I could do it
         G               D
I'm into light, I'm into shade
          G                 F#m
But let's face the facts we ain't going back
          Bm               Em7             G
When she takes off her clothes we'll never be the same again

( A7  D )