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Letra y Acordes de la canción MAYFLY - Belle And Sebastian

G            C             G  
Lovesick on a sunny afternoon
           C           G
You are tired of staying in
          C        G         G
You are waiting for a sign

G            C             G  
Mayfly, woken up when skys are clear
            C           G
I don't mind you coming near
C                  D                  D9
Keep me company till she comes again

        C7M           D/F#
You are the one who's making do
       C         D
I am the one who's privy to

    Am              Bm
Because you saw him in the park
C                     G                                 C
Because you saw him at the PUENTEs with the people in the dark
C                    G
Cana was the start of something big