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Letra y Acordes de la canción MARX AND ENGELS - Belle And Sebastian

(intro) D A G D C G Em A

         D              A                       G               D
There is misery in all I hear and see, from the people on T.V.
            C               G                      Em           A
After their tea when life begins again, they'll be happier than me
            D                           A
There are a thousand meals being made on Saturday
         G              D             C            G
From the view I saw today, I took a bet inside the launderette,
       Em             A
With a girl from Wallesey
             D                   A                    G
She spoke in dialect, I could not understand, but one thing that
         D                   C            G                 D
She made clear, there was no coming on to her, there was no way.

( A G D C G Em A ) (2x)

             C            G                  G
There was no coming on to her, there was no intellect, that she
Em                   D                      C                   Em
Could respect, if it couldn't see, that the girl just wants to be
       G                 D
Left alone with Marx and Engels for awhile,
      C                     Em           A
She's writing in style, of any riot girl.