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Letra y Acordes de la canción LONELINESS OF A MIDDLE DISTANCE RUNNER - Belle And Sebastian

Intro: C#m B G#m A E A E
       C#m B A G#m F#

C#m                B
I'll take a second of the day
   G#m             A
to think about the things that we
     E              A  E
have done this year
    C#m               B
The dog lies down, the pouring rain
    A              G#m              F#
I'm underneath the smoker's railway arch again

    A                E
The future's looking colourful
     A                    E
It's the colour of blood, chaos and
A               C#m
corruption of a happy soul
A happy soul will
A         E
Ride in the field
A         E
Ride in the field
A        E
Ride in the field
Till the rain dies down

The railway ticket states a destination
But it doesn't mean that we will show
There's a fork upon the line
We paid the guard to switch the sign, and off we go
The future's looking wonderful
It's the wonder of a businessman's conspiracy to sell your wares
And no one cares
Oh you care, I know
You care, I forgot for a while