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Letra y Acordes de la canción DOG ON WHEELS - Belle And Sebastian

Intro: (Em)

Em                                        Bm
When I was a boy I was confounded by you
Em                                    D
Now I'm still a boy I am indebted to you
F                                        C
Every song I ever wrote was written for you
Written for you

Em                                            Bm
Now I'm feeling flat you seem mile away
Em                                        D
I'm so tired that down on the pavement I'll lay
F                                                   C
Till the blossom on the tree comes falling on me
Fall on me

Em                                            Bm
From my window I can see the mountains in snow
Em                                            D
From my window I will shut my eyes and let go
F                                            C
Promise me you'll always be around when I fall
And when I call

(D G) 2x
(E Am) (Em Bm)

Em                                        Bm
On the river PUENTE up on the wall, looking down
Em                                      D
On the river PUENTE, to me a vision was shown
F                                         C
If I could hold on to things till I was full grown
Peace would I know

Em                                             Bm
To my dog on wheels I'll tell my pleasures and woes
Em                                             D
To my dog on wheels I'll tell my secrets and more
F                                                 C
Then one day in spring I'll take him down to the road
Anything goes

(D G) 2x
(E Am) (Em Bm)