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Letra y Acordes de la canción ACT OF THE APOSTLE II - Belle And Sebastian

A                          Ab
I'm bored out of my mind / Too sick to even care
C#m                                C#m    Cm  Bm
I'll take a little walk / Nobody's going    to    know
Bm                      C#m                     Bm
I'm in senior year / It gives you a little free time
I'll just use it all at once!

         A                        Ab
Took the fence and the lane / The bus then the train
C#m                                        C#m  Cm  Bm
Bought an Independent to make me look like I      got   brains
Bm                      C#m                   Bm
I made a story up in my head if anybody would ask
I'm going to a seminar!

     D              Dm
I'm a genius / I'm a prodigy
A demon at Maths and Science
       A    Ab  G   Gb
I'm up   for   a   prize
       Cm                Bm
If you gotta grow up sometime
                        A     ( A  Ab  G    Gb )
You've to do it on your own
        Cm                        Bm
I don't think I could stand to be stuck
                                A        ( E  F#  G#  A )
That's the way that things were going

    A                            Ab
The bible's my tool / There's no mention of school!
C#m                       C#m    Cm  Bm
My Damascan Road's my transistor rad  io
Bm                         C#m                     Bm
I tune in at night when my mum and my dad start to fight
I put on my headphones

     D               Dm
And I tune out / I am devout
The girls are singing about my life
But they're not here, they've got the wild life
       Cm                     Bm
If you want to find out, find out
                            A    ( A  Ab  G    Gb )
You got to look them in the eye
              Cm            Bm
That's why my only choice
Is find the face behind the voice...

....A                    Dm
She asked the man if the service was open
 G                   F#m
"Not today, just the choir from the radio"
A                        Dm
"Couldn't I sit in? I've come all this way"
G                              F#m
"Will you bugger off, I've got work to do!"
B            D              A
The city was losing its appeal
B                       D                           A
God was asleep / He was back in her village, in the fields

C                   F
Oh, if I could make sense of it all!
  C                                      F
I wish that I could sing / I'd stay in a melody (I would float along in my everlasting song)
C                      E
What would I do to believe??