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Letra y Acordes de la canción PAINTED EYELIDS - Beck


Los acordes de la canción Painted Eyelids interpretada por Beck fué lanzada el Martes 14 de Abril de 2009. Originalmente está compuesta en la tonalidad de E MAYOR (Puede cambiarlo a cualquier clave que desee, usando la opción Transportar). Sin embargo, la tonalidad en nuestra web está sujeta a la redacción realizada por el usuario que la compartió. (Es decir, puede ser diferente al tono original). El tiempo promedio es de 105 BPM. Además, tiene una duración de 03:06 minutos. Estos acordes son simples y fáciles de tocar en la guitarra, el piano o el ukulele.

Tonalidad Base: E 
Círculo Armónico: E  C#m  A  F#m  B  G#m

D                            A  
I wake up and look upon your painted eyelids
    G                            F
The world is your oyster and the trashbags are your kids
D                                  A      
The ceiling is invisible there's a bird sinkin through the sky
    G                         F    
and every hour that passes is teachin me how to cry

CORO(kind of):
A7                          D 
Cuz it's lonely here in the ugly part of town
A7                                   D
the buildings are all vacant and the telephones are down
D                                   A     
There's a police siren singin like a tiger with no skin
    G                                   F   
the sewer drain is glowin and I don't know what state I'm in
D                                    A    
And the river is on fire and there's chemicals and debris
G                                  F   
All the roads are blocked off  it's just too hard to see
A7                           D  
So cancel my appointment and set up a whole new show
A7                                        D
'Cuz I'm in need of a good hot meal and a life to call my own
(Harmonica solo over Verso chords 1x)
D                                 A
So get me a plate of money and get me a blanket and a chair
G                                     F
The limitations are limitless they're floating through the air
A7                               D
'Cuz it's real and it's true the things I see in you
A7                                                     D
And there's nothin that I wouldn't talk about with the clearest

dream that ever drifted by...

Fade on Verso chords with harmonica and sounds