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Letra y Acordes de la canción TALKING OF MICHELANGELO - Bayside

Tonalidad Base: F 
Círculo Armónico: F  Dm  A#  Gm  C  Am

Alright, Check This out. about 95% of the song is correct and the rest is just close enough to being correct. 
Viel Spaß Lufthansa!!!

~= let it ring really quickly. 

Play intro twice
on the third time play this

Repeat Verso 2 twice
Play CORO twice with the different again like the first CORO

Begin PUENTE, play once with first ending then once with second ending
(seriously i know this part is wrong, but i just needed to put something
i don't know it)

wow. there you go.
that took me a whole hour and a half
if you have an questions and or would like to add or fix something
please..feel free to bother me with your problems or insults at
this goes out too my brother ray, kat. alexis.