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Letra y Acordes de la canción TOO MUCH TO ASK - Bad Religion

Tonalidad Base: G 
Círculo Armónico: G  Em  C  Am  D  Bm

Intro: C Riff E x3 then C Riff2 E(H)

a refreshing plunge,        
a drink of palatable water,
  D                     E(H)
a deep inspiration on a warm summer day,
a safe stroll in a middle of the road community,
a neighbour who in times of need will not turn away,
C          E       C   E
I ain't no politician, I am a citizen,
G(H)                       D     
and I wonder if I'm living too far out of bounds
community protection, rehabilitation,
police that serve without legitimate right to maim,
global awareness, ecological guilt,
cultural and environmental awakening,
I ain't no optimist, I try to be a realist,
and I think that we're living too far out of bounds,
C     E
is it too much to ask?
C               G        D
could it be the earth is shrinking?,
I can see the walls closing in,
D                        C       G
no one can take much for granted anymore
remote control, three cars for every family,
corruption at the expense of the simple majority,
a violent clash, a plunder of the third world,
any wretched ploy that bolsters our economy,
I ain't no blind supporter, I'm a conscious citizen,
and I know that we're living too far out of bounds,
is it too much to ask?
could we keep the earth from sinking?,
I'm not taking nothing for granted anymore