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Letra y Acordes de la canción IF I DON`T HAVE YOU - Backstreet Boys

Tom :C

C            Am
Everyday girl I wait hope and pray
          Em           F        G
To come back home and don`t take too long
Cause since you`ve been gone
      Am                   Em
Everythings gone wrong I wish you were here
      F      G
Holding me near
Am         Abº7
You know I`ll go out of my mind
Am         D7
If you ever left my heart behind you
So I`m begging you please
Bring your sweet love back to me
Pleasecome back to me

G           C
If I don`t have you (don`t have you)
To hold on to ( to hold on to)
       F               G
I can`t go on in this world alone
Baby it`s true If I dont have you
If you say goodbye (you say goodbye)
Girl I would die (I would die)
            F              G
I`m star with no light, day with no night
If I don`t have you

C                   Am
Late at night I reach to hold you tight
          Em          F         G
But you`re not there, I know you still care
C                          Am
And oh, how I miss your soft and lovely kiss
         Em         F   G
You give to me sentimentally
Am                  Abmº7
 We used to feel time would stand still
Am            Dm
When I see you, baby you will
    Dm                        G#4
So hurry home you you need me just so, oh..

If i don´t have you...