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Letra y Acordes de la canción EAST OF EDEN - Babyshambles

Tab is at least 90% right..
Sometimes he doesnt play the entire chord
(especially the E/Eb9 one) so just listen
to the song to get it right.

E      0 2 2 1 0 0  E/E9     0 2 4 4 4
C#m      4 6 6 5 4  E7     0 2 0 1 0 0
A6       0 2 2 2 2  B        2 4 4 4 2


E     E/Eb9

E     c#m     A6      B  x2
           (Riff 1)

E     E7      A      Am

E    C#m     A6
           (Riff 2)

E     B

        Riff 1:                       Riff 2:


The rest of the song pretty much repeats the intro
with just a few minor changes to the strumming pattern,
I wrote in  where the chords change over lyrics, 
so jus listen to the song for strumming pattern, its not hard.

            E            C#m  
Ive been wandering East of Eden
      A6                      B
Been lost, cold, lonesome as a sparrow in the rain
        E                C#m           
I found myself tumbling to a sinking feeling
When someone said I done gone wrong
Couldn't feel no shame 
      E                     E7
I'll be leaving town on the very next train
You can wait for me little girl
But I won't be coming this way again
    E            C#m    A6      B   E     E/Eb9
And  it ain't nobody's business if I do 

Verso 2:

                       E                            C#m     
There's a slow train rumbling east of a place called Eden
          A6                           B                   
Ah, the wind blowing in proud as the trees upon the plain
                   E                              C#m      
And a stranger's voice talked to me of liberty and freedom
Yeah, it seems like he done gone wrong again
And he wears the hat like shame
        E               E7                   
Well he    tasted the fruit of another
    A                    Am                  
And when his Margie, when she discovered
              E                C#m            
Said she's gonna love him ten times more
                    A6   B   E     E/Eb9          
Ain't nobody's business if she do 

Verso 3:

       E                      C#m                     
He said "some men born rich, some men born poor
But they're rich in other ways"
Into my heart his wisdom poured
                E                        C#m     
It's no good crumblin, I'm making tracks to live
When I laid my love down in the light
You should've seen all the things my shadow did 

E                              E7                  
  The filth and the fury, the fear and the pain
It's all disappearing now
Faster than the smoke from this old train
   E           C#m        A6    B     E             
And it ain't nobody's business if it do
               E         C#m              B     E     E/Eb9  
One more time:    ain't nobody's business if it do