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Letra y Acordes de la canción MR MAGIC THROUGH THE SMOKE - Amy Winehouse

Tonalidad Base: Fm 
Círculo Armónico: G#  Fm  C#  A#m  D#  Cm

This song appears on the end of the trak amy amy amy   outro

Need to fill it with a few slaps n random notes because when playin it without the drums it seems pretty bare
i havent labelled all of the chords coz i duno what they are lol if any1 else does please let me know!

     V1  Everyday I  see you          my hands were made for   you
     V2  Without you im misery        blue is  my new   green
     V3  Layin on my bed……

And you always give me stress free point of view… pick you up at the school
All the songs soun better when your next to me… coz you come naturally

  Mr magic (take a token)    Mr Magic…            I see you through the smoke