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Letra y Acordes de la canción MOODYS MOOD FOR LOVE - Amy Winehouse

Tonalidad Base: G 
Círculo Armónico: G  Em  C  Am  D  Bm

Intro  G5

Gmaj7                           Em/A
There I go, there I go, there I go, there I go
D7                     G
Pretty baby you are the soul, snaps my control
Bm                     Bb
Such a funny thing but everytime your near me
I never can behave
               D/A                     Ab
You give me a smile and I'm wrapped up in your magic
        Gsus2       E5
There's music all around me
Am           D6               Gmaj7
Crazy music, music that keeps calling me so
Baby close to you, turns me into your slave
Dsus2                       D6
Come on and do with me any little thing that you want to
          G                                  G/A   G/Bb
Anything, baby just let me get next to you

   Bm             Bb              A5
So am I insane or do I really see heaven in your eyes?
D                    Dsus2/Ab
Bright as stars that shine up above you
In the clear blue sky, how I worry bout you
Just can't live my life without you
Am/G                 Gmaj7
Baby come here, don't have no fear
Bm           Am
Oh, is there wonder why
Ab5                Gmaj7
I'm really feeling in the mood for love

           Dbm7(b5)     Dbdim/C          B7       Bb7
So tell me why, stop to think about this weather, my dear
This little dream might fade away
        D                    Dm7
There I go talking out of my head again baby won't you
come and put our two hearts together
That would make me strong and brave
Dsus2          D6            G               G/A   G/Bb
Oh, when we are one, I'm not afraid, I'm not afraid
    Bm                     Bb
Now if there's a cloud up above us
Come on and let in rain
I'm sure our love together would endure a hurricane
Ab5        Gsus2
Oh my baby won't you please let me love you
    E5                      Am
and get a release from this awful misery

What is all this talk about loving me, my sweet
     Am              Am/G#        Gmaj7
I am not afraid, not anymore, not like before
Don't you understand me, now baby please
Asus2/G       Bm7                  Bm
Pull yourself together, do it soon
My soul's on fire, come on and take me
I'll be what you make me, my darling
Oh baby, you make me feel so good
Let me take you by the hand
G                     Bm/F#
Come let us visit out there
In that new promised land
Bm              Bbm
Maybe there we can find
A good place to keep a lovin' state of mind
I'm so tired of being without it
And never knew what love's about

Vince Henry you can come on over here
you can blow now if you want to, I'm through