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Letra y Acordes de la canción I NEVER JUDGED YOU - 42 Dugg


Los acordes de la canción I Never Judged You interpretada por 42 Dugg fué lanzada el Viernes 08 de Abril de 2022. Originalmente está compuesta en la tonalidad de G MAYOR (Puede cambiarlo a cualquier clave que desee, usando la opción Transportar). Sin embargo, la tonalidad en nuestra web está sujeta a la redacción realizada por el usuario que la compartió. (Es decir, puede ser diferente al tono original). El tiempo promedio es de 76 BPM. Además, tiene una duración de 01:54 minutos. Estos acordes son simples y fáciles de tocar en la guitarra, el piano o el ukulele.

Tonalidad Base: G 
Círculo Armónico: G  Em  C  Am  D  Bm


Yeah I ain't never asked for acceptance
I guess it messed with him
Police come
I ain't offer em nothing
Not even the mexican
Hit his thot
Let him know
And I stop fuckin' this nigga bitch
City shit
Ask all the killers
Who got the city lit
I don't do no hate outta jealousy
I'm not stretchin' shit
Plan it carefully
Cut out
But a hundred times
I measure it
You tellin' me
Cause it's shooter street shit
Overlook it
Ain't right after they took him
Like you ain't nobody's pussy
Whenever I pop outside
Nigga I be wide
And they be lookin'
If a nigga I don't like ever blow up rapping
Then I'm gon book em
If it's up with us
You can't quit
we gon' spank shit like a whipper
This street shit ain't no age

I know niggas pussies
6 thousand for the black cherry gelato
This ain't cookie
A hundred thousand
A couple of bottles
Who want Duggy
Hey I boogie
still the mix the wood
No I ain't fuck her
But she was lookin'
On both my brothers I got truffles
The real truffles
That come in duffles
I don't smoke
I sold a couple
Just off the muscle
He ain't hustle
Well I don't trust him
Bitch free my uncle
If I don't bust you
I'll probably punch you
Not for no reason
Cause I want to
Nigga what you gon' do
You know I'm lit
You know I'm piped
Hundred Gs on a bike
Only drove it twice
And I got a new  
Come thru off Gotti
Doggy beat that body
No I need you
You up we even
Nigga R.I.P. Reece
Cause I love you
I ain't never judge you
I ain't been the same since I lost my granny
Since I lost my brothers
How y'all ain't here to see me win
Help me count these Ms
No I fell out with a couple friends
Niggas want my millions
3 hundred thousand on the Benz
Probably do it again
And if I catch another one lackin'
Ima shoot again
Hey tell my cousin that I love him
I'll never judge him
Ain't been the same since I lost my granny
Since I lost my brother
And if I could I'd probably hug him
Look at me thuggin'